In Ontario, red and white reflective banners on stop sign posts (e.g. “tigertails”) are not regulated.

Every intersection is different.

It is Traffic Engineering’s discretion to determine the best enforcement enhancement tool based on size or shape. 


The Lawli Advantage...

Side Angle Visibility

3 Dimensional Lawli STOP Visible
FLAT 2 Dimensional Tiger Tail NOT Visible

Increased Driver Sightlines

The 193 degree contoured OVBLONG™ reflective patented surface design maximizes driver direct and peripheral optical sightlines.  We call this the “continuous Lawli OVBLONG™ Glow”.

                                                                  You can’t miss it!

Vertical Grounding Effect

Our reflective casements create a perceptual vertical grounding effect, which anchors road signs more effectively into the environment and improves distance estimation from driver to sign.

This helps drivers make better road judgement decisions. 

Lawli SHIELD™  Protection

Lawli SHIELD™ is a transparent anti-graffiti protective film that protects Lawli casements’ retroreflective properties & makes it easier to clean. This saves on labour and replacement costs. 

All Weather​

The Lawli STOP® & Lawli X™ reflective casements also enhance signage visibility, especially during foggy, snowy and rainy weather, both day and night, 24/7/365.

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