Our Products

The Lawli line of products help communities reach their “Vision Zero” goals faster. The NEW Lawli STOP® & Lawli X™ are uniquely patented products designed to make traffic signs more conspicuous. Our universal reflective casements are easily and quickly mounted to all existing sign posts and are virtually vandal resistant & neighborhood friendly. We use % recycled material in our product line to reduce the impact on the environment.

 Lawli products are a “Proactive Investment in Road Safety!”

Features & Benefits

  • Cost saving alternative to the existing unregulated, invasive & obstructive “tiger tails”.
  • Easy to install sign post reflective casements. Mount in seconds with our universal anti-theft hidden tamper-proof hardware mounting systems & incorporate Diamond Grade (DG3) day/night retro-reflective technology.
  • Universal/convertible casements can be easily installed to all metal round, u-channel, square, wood or concrete sign posts of all sizes without expensive ancillary hardware.
  • Aerodynamic vertical casement design has no sharp edges eliminating pedestrian, cyclist and snow removal equipment collisions minimizing potential injury & liability.
  • Low unit cost + time saving installation = more units installed = Vision Zero goals faster.
  • Convex shape makes it difficult to vandalize, reducing maintenance & replacement costs.
  • Fully weatherproof with durable, specially formulated % recycled PVC rigid construction & UV stable.
  • “Neighborhood friendly”– effective driver conspicuity, yet not unsightly within neighborhoods.
  • A.O.D.A. compliant– safe for pedestrians with visual and/or mobility disabilities. 
  • Community/education safety awareness programs  can be developed with optional  labels that create public messages identifying bike lane safety initiatives e.g. Brighten Up Cycle Smart!
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